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World Sujok Day - Birth Anniversary of Professor Park Jae Woo.

He gave a simple treatment system on hand and foot, He did it because he wants to help us; He wants to help us because he loves us; He loves us because we are his sons and daughters.

The 11th of March is celebrated globally as World Sujok Day by the Sujok Fraternity, in honor of the remarkable contribution of Prof. Park Jae woo, the founder of Sujok therapy. This day serves as a reminder of his significant contribution to the field of medicine and the well-being of society.

Prof. Park Jae woo was a visionary who devoted his entire life to the study of the fundamental principles of the Universe. He was a scholar of medicine, and through his extensive research and study, he created a unique therapeutic system known as Sujok therapy. The word "Sujok" is derived from two Korean words, "Su," meaning hand, and "Jok," meaning foot.

The philosophy of Sujok Therapy is based on the principle of finding a correspondence between the microcosm (the human body) the macrocosm (the universe) and the hands and feet - microcosms of the body.

In Sujok Therapy, the body is seen as a micro-universe, with each part of the body being connected to specific corresponding areas on the hands and feet. The therapy is based on the idea that our body has an innate ability to heal itself, and the role of the therapist is to stimulate this healing process.

One of the most significant contributions of Prof. Park Jae woo was his emphasis on the holistic approach to healing. He believed that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, and treating just the physical symptoms of an ailment would not result in long-term healing. His therapy focused on healing the body, mind, and soul simultaneously, promoting a healthy balance between the three.

Sujok therapy has gained immense popularity in recent years, owing to its effectiveness in treating a wide range of illnesses.

Prof. Park Jae woo's contribution to the field of medicine has been recognized globally, and he has been awarded numerous accolades for his work. He has authored several books on Sujok therapy, which have been translated into several languages, making this therapy accessible to people worldwide.

On this World Sujok Day, it is essential to remember and celebrate the life and work of Prof. Park Jae woo. His tireless efforts to promote Sujok Therapy and his emphasis on a holistic approach to healing have transformed the lives of millions of people globally. Sujok therapy has become a beacon of hope for those suffering from physical and emotional ailments, and it is a testament to the legacy of Prof. Park Jae woo.

In conclusion, the world owes a debt of gratitude to Prof. Park Jae woo, the founder of Sujok therapy. His contribution to the field of alternative medicine has been invaluable, and his legacy continues to live on through the work of the Sujok Fraternity. As we celebrate World Sujok Day, let us take a moment to honor and remember the man who dedicated his life to promoting the well-being of society.

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