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Diseases in the body develop due to changes in the amount of energy flowing along the routes of the zonal (spinal) energy system, the meridians or the chakras. The flow of energy might be compared to a life-giving river. If there is too much water in it, it will flood the surrounding lands, resulting in the death of all livi8ng there. If the river dries up, everything around turns into a desert.


Excessive amounts of energy flowing in one or another body part, or in an internal organ, will result in a stagnation of energy. This creates the conditions in which acute inflammatory processes may appear and hyper- functional states may develop that in time exhaust the body’s organs and systems.


Energy deficiency causes impairment of metabolic processes in surrounding tissues. It decreases the functional activity of internal organs and systems and leads to the development of chronic disorders characterized by insufficient blood circulation. It leads also to the overgrowth of dense connective tissue and to the formation of stones.


Restoration of the impaired energy flow is effected by applying magnets. The magnetic field vector can accelerate the flow of energy or decelerate it, depending on whether its direction coincides with the direction of the energy flow or is contrary to it.


This ability is found not only in the magnetic arrows widely used in Sujok Ki therapy buy also in all kinds of natural and artificial stimulators. One can change the intensity of energy flow even with the help of one’s own fingers. The required direction of the vector is determined by a well-defined step-by-step algorithm using the application test method.


When the procedure is done correctly, the method produces a very fast therapeutic effect combined with a complete absence of side effects. It is absolutely painless and entirely cost-efficient. Sujok Ki therapy, therefore, is one of the optimal therapeutic approaches to the treatment of diseases with clearly manifested symptoms, especially syndromes involving pain.


The method is capable of being learned by large numbers of pupils. Knowledge about the structure and functioning of the bodily energy system changes people’s worldview, bringing it to a qualitatively new level. Everyone can understand the simple principles of this kind of treatment and actively apply it as the first-line method of self- and mutual aid in any situation.

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