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Residential Training Program on

Sujok Auricular Therapy

The International Sujok Association is delighted to present a Residential Training Program on "Sujok Auricular Therapy" – an untouched branch in the world of Sujok. Special thanks to Dr. Park Minchul, the global president of ISA, for granting permission to conduct a series of Residential Training programs focused on this simplest form of therapeutics, unlocking the hidden mysteries of the Onnuri Auricular System as envisioned by Prof. Park, Jae Woo.


It is noteworthy that the Creation of Sujok (Onnuri) Auricular Therapy is a rebirth of Auricular Acupuncture under the unique intervention of Prof. Park Jae Woo. He provided a deeper, logical, and scientific understanding of the Auricular Structure, Its Development, and its profound connections to the human body and life itself.


This distinctive Residential Training program aims not only to introduce you to this remarkable therapeutic technique but also to Sow the seeds of research within you. Participants will gain the knowledge to comprehend the disease process, conduct diagnoses, apply treatments, verify efficacy on various organs and systems, address stubborn conditions, and meticulously record the results.

We extend an invitation to all to join us on this incredible journey. This seminar not only offers a unique learning experience but also goes beyond the traditional boundaries of academic sessions. In addition to the enriching training hours, we have curated a set of enjoyable and engaging activities including team-building activities, Knowledge sharing games, moments of leisure, fun food and dance, Know your organization etc. To ensure that your time with us is both educational and enjoyable. Join us for an immersive blend of learning and leisure at this exceptional seminar.


Given the significance of the subject and the crucial knowledge to be shared, we are limiting registrations to only 50 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

residential training program


Dr. Prabhu.jpg

Dr. H. Lakshminarayan Prabhu, a distinguished clinician, academician, researcher, and counseling psychologist, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our Residential Training Program on "Onnuri Auricular Therapy." 


Dr. Prabhu is not only a highly qualified professional but also holds a unique distinction as an esteemed student of both Prof. Park, Jae Woo and Dr. Mohana Selvan. Dr. Prabhu's connection with both of them goes beyond the conventional student-teacher dynamic. The mentorship of Prof. Park has left an enduring mark on Dr. Prabhu's approach, infusing his practice with wisdom gleaned from a pioneer in therapeutic techniques.

His academic journey is marked by outstanding achievements, having earned an M.D. in Internal Medicine and Non-Conventional Cardiology. Dr. Prabhu further expanded his horizons by obtaining a Bachelor's in Law, specializing in patents, arbitration, and conciliation. His areas of specialty encompass pain medicine, conservative cardiology, and psychology, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of holistic well-being.


Dr. Prabhu is a Nonconformist by choice, carving his path in the medical field with a distinctive approach. Over two decades, he has passionately dedicated himself to unraveling the deepest concepts of therapeutic techniques, particularly in the realm of Onnuri Auricular Therapy. Beyond personal growth, he has made significant contributions to advancing the theory, investing his resources to develop anatomically corrected pictures of the Sujok (Onnuri) Auricular System — A legacy for future generations.

Driven by a belief that answers are a collective endeavor, Dr. Prabhu shares, "I cannot provide all the answers, but I can certainly contribute what I have. Together, with all of us, we will explore and discover all possible answers." His commitment to collaborative learning and exploration underscores his philosophy of collective growth and progress.


As our esteemed faculty for the Residential Training Program, Dr. H. Laxminarayan Prabhu promises to impart not only his wealth of knowledge but also his passion for continuous learning and collaborative discovery. Join us in welcoming Dr. Prabhu as we embark on this transformative journey into the realms of Sujok (Onnuri) Auricular Therapy.


residential training program

  • Origin of life on Earth

  • The history of medicine and surgery

  • Diseases in human evolution

  • Causative factors of disease

  • The top 10 causes of death

  • Allopathic Vs Holistic medicine: A historical debate

  • Why patients use alternative medicine and why physicians should?

  • Potentials and limitations of western and traditional systems of medicine

  • Illness as a delusion: understanding the meaning of symptoms

  • The nature of cure and healing

  • Scientific theories about acupuncture 

  • Various correspondence systems as fractals of the human body

  • Raising kids OK – caring for your patients’ satisfaction

  • Health questionnaire and sample survey

  • Anatomy of the Auriclar

  • Organs of Female Reproduction


  • Dates: January 21-27, 2024 (All participants must arrive in Nagpur either on January 20th or no later than January 21st by 8:00 am).

  • Seminar Timings : 

    • Jan 21, 2024 : 11.00 am to 06.30 pm (IST)

    • Jan 22 - 26, 2024 : 10:00 am to 06:30 pm

    • Jan 27, 2024 : 10:00 am to 03:30pm

  • Language of lectures : English (Hindi when necessary) 

  • Registration Process:  Online / Offline 


    • Registration Starting Date : Dec. 19, 2023 

    • Closing Date: Jan 18, 2024 (Midnight)

    • Early Bird Discount up to Dec. 31, 2023 (Midnight)


residential training program


  • Oogenesis, menstruation, fertilisation, conception

  • Medical embryology

  • Auricular therapy – genesis, history, development growth, Dr. Paul Nogier

  • Homo-Hetero and Six Ki classification of Auricular

  • Embryological correspondence

    • Individual and United closed

    • Head up and head down

    • Left – Right

    • Front – back

  • Introduction of Books and instruments required to perform the therapeutic procedures

  • Do’s and Don’t

  • Precautions in Treatment

  • Importance of Hygiene while performing treatment

  • Probable side effects

  • 50 common cases treated

  • Demonstration

  • Practice

  • Doubt clearing and Discussion


  • For Non-Members: Rs. 29,999/-

  • ISA Life Members (15% Discount) : Rs. 25,499/-

  • ISA Annual Members (10% Discount) : Rs. 26,999/-

  • Early Bird Discount: An additional discount of Rs. 2,500/- for those who pay the full fees before December 31, 2023.

  • Spot registrations are not permitted.

  • Candidates must provide a self-verified photocopy of their active membership card (mandatory) and Certificate of Qualification.



  • 75% of the fees will be refunded if the participant informs about the cancellation in writing at least 7 days before the start of the event. (i.e. 14th Jan 2024, midnight)

  • 50% of the fees will be refunded in case the participant has registered but cannot participate in the event and has requested a refund after the commencement of the course.

  • Cancellation requests will be accepted only through email at: with relevant details stating the reason for cancellation.

  • Verbal/SMS/WhatsApp requests will not be accepted.


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residential training program

Nearby Accommodation Options (within 2 km):

  • Hotel K. K. Residency

    • Address: Teka Naka Chowk, Kamptee Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440026.

    • Contact: +99370101922, +91-9422105922

              (Mr. K.K.Singh, Owner)

  • Hotel Golden Myst

    • Address: Plot No.1082, Vaishali Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001.

    • Booking: fab hotel’s website. or contact Mr. Jatin Verma: +91 72065 02216

Note: Participants should directly contact the hotels for bookings. ISA is not responsible for accommodation arrangements.

ISA office : +91 7620262683
Ms. Deepa Bhowate : +91 89995 36034
SJ T. Dilip Chauhan : +91 93260 32806
SJ T. Dhaval Pathak : +91 95588 00161

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