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ISA International Sujok Association

What is ISA?

The human body is a perfect phenomenon. Not simply a collection of organs inside one skin, it is an organism that contains all the information it needs to heal itself and allow itself to exist as an independent entity. 


Recognizing this combination of ancient wisdom and modern logic, Prof. Park Jae Woo initiated Sujok, a new method of healing, 30 years ago. It is now the most powerful and complete method known to man for the healing of body, mind, and soul.


Sujok therapy is based on the awareness of a fundamental order that exists in all the phenomena of our world as well as in the human body. The method offers a way to “re-program” the body with a kind of “super computer” that we have had in our hands since Creation. Thus the method is intended not only for healing, but also for spiritual awakening, and for the development of oneself towards greatness and perfection.


The International Sujok Association (ISA) is a world-wide non-profit organization whose function is to spread the message of Sujok in every society. The Association operates workshops and supervises training of both basic and professional Sujok healers all over the world. The Association is committed to maintaining both the highest standards of professional training and of the moral values that contribute to the well-being of society.


The association was announced by late Prof. Park Jae Woo at 2010 as an internationally continuum to Sujok association that was founded by him at 1987.

The Department of Research and Development (R&D) performs scientific studies in collaboration with medical centers all over the world. Our goal is to incorporate the Sujok method into the formal health system of every society. The R&D Center collects proper case reports from Sujok therapists all over the world, creating a public database for further research.


The Education Department is working in collaboration with the R&D department and is responsible for maintaining high standards of professional training for lecturers, doctors, and therapists.


ISA has published a Code of Ethics, with which all ISA members are required to comply.



Prof. Park Jae Woo died in Moscow in 2010.
Following his demise, his two sons, Dr. Park Min Chul and Dr. Park Minkyu, continued his program of spreading Sujok throughout the world under the umbrella of the ISA.


The first WORLD ISA CONGRESS took place in Cyprus in May, 2013. Twenty one countries sent representatives to the Congress. The global comittee were formed in this congress by the representatives of the verious country.


Click here to See Global Comittee of ISA





 The ISA accepts therapists, doctors, scientists, and friends from all over the world.


    All ISA members are bound to accept the ISA Code of Ethics.


    The ISA conducts professional seminars and workshops, as well as basic            workshops, throughout the world.


    ISA members are entitled to the following benefits and discounts:


  •  A free online version of the "The Sujok World" magazine.

  •  Incorporation in the local and international database of certified Sujok therapists.

  •  Acknowledgement in ISA official website

  •  Internship program and professional residency in ISA R&D center

  •  Discounts on professional workshops and seminars

  • Special membership fee for purchase of equipment and books

  • Participation in lectures and activities in ISA centers around the world

  •  Benefits in receiving treatments in ISA monitoring clinics around the world.



We invite you to join us in continuing Prof. Park Jae Woo mission to spread the technique and the spirit of Sujok across the globe. Expand your consciousness with us as part of one united Sujok family. Together we can help people around the world to remove their pain and suffering, to assist the growth of their consciousness, and to introduce a smile into their lives. Let us step together to a smiling future.





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