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Sujok Awards 2019

International Sujok Association announces various categories of “Sujok Awards 2019” to acknowledge and honor the inspiring and remarkable contribution of the people in furthering the Sujok Therapy. This year we are launching the “SUJOK AWARDS” page at where one can find details of past awards and awardees, current award distribution policy as well as invitation for nominations for present awards.



  • Nominations open: 1 Dec 2018

  • Nominations closure: 15 Jan 2019

  • Shortlist announcement: 25 Jan 2019

  • Award ceremony: 02 Feb 2019 during SIC - 2019


For any query about “Sujok Awards 2019”, please contact ‘Award Committee’ or mail us at


Nominations will be considered according to award-specific criteria as well as the following norms:

  • Promotion and demonstration of the core values and behavior set out as Code of Ethics: Has the nominee followed the laid down Code of Ethics and acted (wherever relevant) with integrity, honesty and impartiality?

  • Measurable benefits: Does a project or program taken up by the nominee bring meaningful and noticeable effect and has he provided sufficient evidence towards this?

  • Teamwork: Has the nominee demonstrated effective joint-working capabilities that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, groups or organizations.

  • Sustainability: Will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated across organizations?

  • Inclusion: has the nominee been inclusive, engaging the individual strengths, talents and experiences of teams and considered all groups of members, service users, audiences or stakeholders in developing solutions?

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