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Sujok Global Recognition 

Recognition of Su-Jok Therapy by ministry of health in countries all over the world
  • Ligitimization by the Russian Federation, Ministry of health.

  • Integration of Twist Therapy into the Russian Medical System

  • Recognition of Sujok Therapy as effective for pain relief

  • Studies regarding the efficacy of Sujok Therapy by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health

  • Serbian Health Ministry Department Confirmation about recognition Su Jok method

  • Su Jok is recognized as independent method in EU

  • Certificate from the High Medical School

  • Sujok in legea 118 medicina alternativa-Romanian parlament

  • Sujok is recognized by Maharashtra government

  •  Sujok course for all nurses in Maharashtra Nursing Council

  • Recognition by the Turkish Ministry of Health

  • Recognition by the Israeli Medical Association - Medical Society of Acupancture (MSAIMA)

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