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International Sujok Association - India (ISA - INDIA)


International Sujok Association is an registered body and it is registered under the Mumbai Public trust act 1950 in Jaipur(Registered office).  Chennai is  Head office of ISA-India an official chapter of a worldwide non-profit organization International Sujok Association (ISA-Global) started by Prof. Park Jae Woo and being headed by Dr. Minchul Park(Elder Son of Prof)  whose objective is to fulfill Dream of Prof. Park Jae Woo of  CREAING PAIN FREE SOCIETY & DEVELOPMENT OF SMILE CIVILIZATION across the Globe.

ISA-India organizes workshops and training programs for both beginers and professionals aspiring to become Sujok healers all over the INDIA. The Association is committed to maintaining both the highest standards of professional training and of the moral values that contribute to the well-being of society in direction of Creating PAIN FREE INDIA & SMILE CIVILIZATION.

ISA-India has ISA Executive Committees. ISA - India is also authorized to use / manage Copyrights, Trademarks & other legal aspects in India on behalf of Prof. Park family. 

ISA - India has segregated India in 4 Zones for effective Promotion and management (I.e. North Zone, East Zone, West Zone, South Zone)

ISA, India - National Executive Committee 
National Committee

ISA - India has segregated India into 4 Zones for effective Promotion and Management of various activities Under the Education, Awareness, Publications, Research & Development, Legality etc department of ISA-India across India.

(I.e. East Zone, West Zone, South Zone, North Zone)

East Zone includes : West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh,  Chattisgarh and the Eastern States

West Zone includes : Maharashtra (Excluding Mumbai), Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa and Mumbai(As a State)

South Zone includes : Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerela and Pondycherry
North Zone includes : Delhi, Hariyana, Panjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh and Jammu & Kashmir

ISA, India - Zonal Executive Committee 
Zone Committees
ISA - India, State Level Committees
State Comittees
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