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Triorigin Theory


    These Triorigin forces are fundamental so they are embodied at each stage of development, being present in all objects and phenomena of the existing world. The three dimensions of space (length, width and height), time triad (past, present, and future), trinomial components of gene code, triple embryonic structure (three germinal layers) etc. all are but the result from the action of the universal Triorigin principle.

Sujok Therapy

    Of all the parts of the human organism it is the hands and feet that resembles the most the structure and shape of the body. Any person can easily make this discovery. Stimulation of the points on hands and feet that correspond to disease areas leads to the recovery. This fact awakens our realization and makes us deeply understand the basis of the curative effect that spring up when the correspondence points are stimulated.

      The Universe, including Man as a representative of the living nature is a large- scale hierarchic system with one common origin. All the most diverse objects and phenomena that exist now have developed from ONE common source and for this reason possess certain features of similarities. Due to relations between them the interaction are the foundation of the integrity of the vast multilevel systems.

Twist Therapy


         «Since twist movements by themselves can be used as an independent way of prevention and treatment of diseases, Twist Therapy is an autonomous therapeutic method possessing its own Spirit of cure. It gives everybody the right to take care of one’s health»

– Professor Park Jae Woo -



      Zone SUJOK Ki is characterized by a very fast therapeutic effect, absence of side effects in a correct performance of the procedure, absolute painlessness and high cost-efficiency. In diseases with clearly manifested symptoms, especially pain syndrome, Sujok Ki therapy is one of the optimal therapeutic approaches.

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