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International Scientific and Practical conference on Sujok Therapy 

26-27 March 2016

An annual scientific and practical conference dedicated to elaboration of methods of Professor Park Jae Woo was successfully held under the auspices of the International Su Jok Association in Moscow on March 26 and 27, 2016.

Those were two days of intensive work, we listened to 27 most interesting presentations, exchanged our experience and actively communicated with each other during breaks. Immersion in this creative and at the same time working atmosphere was renewing for all participants and speakers. Wonderful results of using the method provided the opportunity to feel again the Spirit of Su Jok, the Spirit of helping people given to us by Professor Park Jae Woo.

The traditional seminar "Su Jok and the issues of Triorigin" of Vice-president of ISA Dr. Park Min Kyu  held from March 11 to 23, 2016 in Moscow, Professor Park Jae Woo Commemorative day, and the Conference are the major Su Jok events of the year in Russia.

A great and delightful event for all participants in these days was the possibility of connecting to THE SUJOK application, whose world premiere took place on the 28th of February.

THE SUJOK smartphone application is a chance for many people to learn how to cope with pain, help their families and friends, and become healthier and happier.

THE SUJOK is a great success of the International Su Jok Association. For the world Su Jok community, THE SUJOK is a step to the future, on which Professor Park Jae Woo reflected, when every individual can take advantage of this easy-to-use and clear system of help.

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