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Sujok Basic Updated Course

March holds a special significance at the International Sujok Association (ISA) as we honor the memory of the beloved Professor Park Jae Woo, the visionary founder of Sujok Therapy and Triorigin Science. In his memory, we proudly celebrate March as "Sujok Awareness Month" globally. 

As a tribute to Professor Park Jae Woo's groundbreaking work and profound wisdom, ISA is dedicated to organizing various community service programs, training sessions, and faculty development programs worldwide. We believe in upholding the highest academic and professional standards among our fellow therapists and lecturers.

In our pursuit of excellence, ISA-India has been diligently working towards standardizing the educational system and enhancing the skills of ISA-authorized lecturers through our Teacher's Training Course since 2014. We take immense pride in having trained nearly 700 lecturers globally, who have subsequently imparted knowledge to over 50,000 students in the past decade across various levels. 

However, we recognize that learning is a continuous journey, and keeping pace with today's advancements is crucial. With this in mind, ISA has made an unprecedented decision this year. 


We are pleased to announce an Online Refresher Course exclusively for all ISA-certified SUJOK INTRODUCTORY & SUJOK BASIC course lecturers. This course will be conducted by the esteemed Dr. Violetta Nikolaeva from Sujok Academy Moscow. It promises to delve into the intricacies of the SUJOK BASIC COURSE with updated information, data, and much more. 

Even more exciting, this online refresher course is completely free as a way for ISA to give back to our certified lecturers. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to access the course recording for 90 days, allowing for thorough review and reinforcement of learning.

Additionally, each participant who attends and completes the course will receive a special credit-based certificate, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to advancing their knowledge and skills in Sujok Therapy.

Moreover, as a gift on Professor Park's 82nd Birthday, all ISA-certified lecturers will receive a 1-year Free Subscription to the Sujok Global platform worth $300 (Approx. Rs. 24,000). Now you can enjoy teaching opportunities through our own platform. 

Join us in this enlightening journey of exploration and empowerment as we continue to uphold Professor Park Jae Woo's legacy and strive for excellence in Sujok Therapy education. Together, let's create a healthier and happier future! (Replaced "tomorrow" with "future" for a broader perspective)


  • COURSE DATE : MARCH 20 - 29, 2024​

    • No Class on 24th & 25th March

  • COURSE TIMING : 03 : 00 to 06 : 00 pm IST





    • Registration Starting Date: March 13, 2024  

    • Registration Closing Date: March. 19, 2024 (midnight) 



  • This course is exclusively available only for ISA certified Lecturers.


  1. Participants must be ISA-certified lecturers.

  2. To attend this course, participants must have a valid ISA membership and submit proof.

  3. To receive the special credit-based certificate, participants must attend all classes.

  4. By participating in this course a participant unconditionally accepts to follow and abide by the code of conduct, all rules, regulations, and provisions of ISA in force as well as amended from time to time failing which his/her teaching authorization will stand terminated with immediate effect and suitable action may be taken by ISA against such candidate.​


  1. Computer: Our platform is mobile-friendly However, We highly recommend A desktop or laptop computer with a processor of at least 2 GHz and sufficient RAM (ideally 4GB or more) is recommended for smooth operation.

  2. Operating System: An up-to-date operating system (e.g., Windows 10, macOS Catalina or later) is recommended for compatibility with the course platform and any additional software.

  3. Internet connection: A reliable internet connection with a minimum download & upload speed of 4.0 Mbps is recommended. However, for optimal performance, especially when dealing with video content, a speed of 16 Mbps or higher is preferable.

  4. Speakers/Headphones: Sound output is necessary for lectures, discussions, and multimedia elements.

  5. Webcam (Optional): While not always mandatory, a webcam can be useful for video conferencing, online presentations, or participating in interactive sessions.

  6. Web browser: A recent version of a popular web browser like Google Chrome or Safari is required to access the course platform and learning materials.

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