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Sujok Guru Dakshina Divas

Guru Dakshina Divas, a day dedicated to honouring the profound legacy of Prof. Park Jae Woo, the visionary founder of Sujok Therapy. On this solemn occasion of his death anniversary, we come together to pay tribute to his enduring contributions and continue his mission of healing and empowerment.

Guru Dakshina Divas is an initiative by the International Sujok Association (ISA) to commemorate the life and teachings of Prof. Park Jae Woo. It is a day of remembrance, gratitude, and action, where we express our appreciation for his invaluable guidance and wisdom by contributing to initiatives that carry forward his vision.

Why Guru Dakshina Divas? Why on 25th March?

"25th March" This date holds profound significance for us as it marks the anniversary of a pivotal moment in our journey. On this day in 2010, our beloved Professor Park Jae Woo, the founder of Sujok Therapy, transcended from this earthly realm, leaving behind a legacy that resonates with boundless inspiration and profound purpose.

Professor Park's departure left an indelible mark on the Sujok community, reminding us of his enduring dream—to make Sujok accessible to every individual on this planet, to see ISA emerge as the world's largest organization, and to usher in a civilization adorned with pain-free smiles. His vision was not merely a fleeting aspiration but a lifelong commitment—a journey that transcends generations.

Yet, in the pursuit of realizing Professor Park's noble mission, we recognize the magnitude of the task at hand. The growth and development of Sujok Therapy require concerted efforts, dedication, and resources. Professor Park's mission is not one confined to the passage of days or years; rather, it is a lifetime journey—one that demands unwavering dedication and collective endeavour.

In honouring his legacy and advancing his mission, ISA has taken the initiative to introduce Guru Dakshina Divas. This day serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness as a community—a time for brothers and sisters in the Sujok fraternity to come together and contribute, each in their own small yet meaningful way.

Through Guru Dakshina Divas, we forge a bond of solidarity, pooling our resources to support one another and lay the foundation for a brighter future. It is a testament to the spirit of compassion, generosity, and shared purpose that defines our community—a reminder that by standing together, we can turn Professor Park's dreams into reality.

As we embark on this journey, let us draw inspiration from the legacy of Professor Park Jae Woo, and let us unite in our commitment to fulfill his vision. Together, let us weave a tapestry of hope, healing, and transformation—one small donation at a time.

Our Mission

At ISA, we are committed to preserving Prof. Park's legacy and advancing the field of Sujok Therapy worldwide. Through our Guru Dakshina Divas Donation Drive, we seek to raise funds that will be dedicated to various welfare activities, growth & development of the Sujok Community and to fulfilling the professor's Dream "It must happen, Because he said so"

Funds raised on Guru Dakshina Divas will be utilized for :

1. Establishing a corpus fund to support Sujok community initiatives: Your contributions will be carefully managed to ensure a lasting impact on the Sujok community & General community, supporting initiatives that promote health, education, and empowerment. 
2. Investing in Sujok recognition processes and fostering excellence within the community. : By investing in Sujok recognition processes, we aim to honour every individual and organization that exemplifies Prof. Park's teachings, give them the deserve respect in society and inspire others to strive for excellence in their practice.
3. Providing awards and recognition to outstanding contributors in the field of Sujok Therapy. : Through awards and recognition programs, we seek to acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, innovation, and impact in furthering the principles and practices of Sujok Therapy. By celebrating their achievements, we aim to inspire others, foster a culture of excellence, and amplify the positive impact of Sujok Therapy on individuals and communities worldwide.
4. Empowering individuals and communities through accessible healthcare solutions based on Prof. Park's teachings : Your donations will enable us to expand access to Sujok Therapy, particularly in underserved areas, empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being.
5. Supporting Fellow Therapists: Assisting fellow therapists during their challenging times, ensuring they have the support they need to continue their practice, teaching, and livelihood to serve the communities surrounding them.
6. Grants and Scholarships: Offering grants or scholarships to deserving students who aspire to learn Sujok Therapy but face financial constraints. Your donation can help make education accessible to those in need and empower the next generation of healers.
7. Research and Development: Investing in research and development activities to enhance the scientific understanding of Sujok Therapy. Your contribution will support the creation of evidence-based practices, leading to more effective treatments and better outcomes for patients.

It's important to note where your contributions won't be used :

  1. Personal Gain: The funds will be strictly used for the advancement of Sujok therapy and the ISA's mission as per above stated purpose, not for personal gain of any individual or organization member.

  2. Day-to-Day Activities: This fund will not be directed towards ISA's day-to-day operational expenses.

  3. Administrative Costs: These funds won't be used for regular administrative expenses like office maintenance, utility bills, or loan repayments.

  4. Salaries: Funds will not be used for staff or stakeholder salaries.

  5. Non-Sujok Related Expenses: Contributions won't be used for activities or programs outside the scope of Sujok therapy and the ISA's mission.

Transparency and Accountability: How Your Donations Will Be Monitored and Utilized

At the International Sujok Association (ISA), transparency and accountability are fundamental values that guide our operations. We understand the importance of ensuring that your donations are used effectively and ethically. Here's how we ensure the responsible monitoring and utilization of funds:


  1. Executive Committee Oversight: ISA will depute an Executive Committee under the chairmanship of the Global President of ISA to oversee the management of these funds. This committee, comprised of experienced professionals and stakeholders, will ensure diligent stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

  2. Record-Keeping: The Executive Committee will maintain meticulous records of each donation received. Every contribution, regardless of size, will be carefully documented to ensure accuracy and transparency.

  3. Receipts and Tax Benefits: We are committed to providing transparency to our donors. The committee will ensure that each donor receives a proper receipt acknowledging their contribution. Additionally, donors will receive tax benefit certificates as applicable, enabling them to claim deductions where applicable.

  4. Open Proposal System: The Executive Committee may periodically invite proposals from stakeholders. This open proposal system allows individuals and organizations to suggest initiatives that align with our mission and vision. This ensures that the community has a voice in how the funds are utilized.

  5. Meritorious Utilization: The committee will evaluate all proposals for utilizing these funds based on their merits and alignment with our organizational goals. Only projects that demonstrate clear benefits to the Sujok community and adhere to our principles will be approved for funding.

  6. Financial Reporting: Transparency is paramount to us. The Executive Committee will maintain proper accounts of all donations and expenditures. Regular financial reports will be published to provide donors and stakeholders with visibility into how their contributions are being utilized.

  7. Legal Compliance: We are committed to operating within the legal framework of the countries in which we operate. The Executive Committee will ensure compliance with all legally applicable laws, including but not limited to the FCRA act and other prevailing laws of the land. This ensures that our activities are conducted ethically and responsibly.

How to Contribute:

Your support is crucial in continuing Prof. Park Jae Woo's legacy and advancing the mission of Sujok Therapy worldwide. Here are three convenient ways you can contribute to Guru Dakshina Divas:


Indian Donation

  1. QR Code / UPI: Another convenient option for Indian citizens is to use QR codes or UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to donate. Scan the QR code provided here or use your UPI ID to transfer funds directly from your bank account.

  2. Bank Transfer: For those who prefer traditional banking methods, you can make a direct bank transfer to our designated account. Please find the bank details provided below and ensure to include "Guru Dakshina Divas Donation" in the remarks section for easy identification. Bank Transfer Details are given below:

  • Bank Name: Axis Bank, Indora Square Branch, Nagpur.


  • Account Number: 915010006163907

  • IFSC Code: UTIB0003168

  • Remarks: Guru Dakshina Divas Donation



  1. Online Form: Foreign citizens can fill out a simple online form given here to express their intention to donate. Once submitted, our team will reach out to provide a secure payment link, allowing for contributions through an international payment gateway.

  2. Bank Transfer: Alternatively, foreign citizens may opt to donate via bank transfer. Transfer funds directly from your international bank account to the designated ISA bank account. Bank Transfer Details are given below:

  • Bank Name: Axis Bank, Indora Square Branch, Nagpur.


  • Account Number: 915010006163907

  • IFSC Code: UTIB0003168

  • Swift code : AXISINBB048

  • Remarks: Guru Dakshina Divas Donation

International Donation

Your contribution, regardless of the method chosen, will play a crucial role in furthering the mission of Guru Dakshina Divas and honoring the legacy of Prof. Park Jae Woo. Thank you for your support and generosity in advancing the field of Sujok Therapy and empowering communities worldwide.

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