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Professor Park, Jae Woo

Founder of SuJok Therapy & Triorigin Science

Born on 11 March 1942 in South Korea, he passed away on 25 March 2010 in Moscow.


He graduated from Seoul National University in 1968.


In the years that followed he served in many local and international capacities related to his work as a healer.


He was the founder and president of many SuJok associations:

  • The Korean Institute for SuJok Acupuncture

  • The International SuJok Therapy Association

  • The SuJok Academy of Moscow

  • The ONNURI Public Fund

  • The Cyprus SuJok Center

  • The Onnuri College, Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Honorary President of The SuJok Academy of India, at Chennai.


He was a representative of the O-Haeng Publishing Company and publisher of the journal The World of Hand and Foot.

Prof. Park was also a member of many scientific faculties and societies:

  • The SuJok Academy of India (1992- Founder)

  • The Khazakhstan State Medical University for Post-Graduate Studies (1994)

  • The Belarus SuJok Acupuncture Institute (1995 – Founder and President)

  • The St. Petersburg Physical Culture University (1996)

  • The Munich Science Academy (President, 1997)

  • Moscow State Medical University (1999)

  • The Pedagogical University of Georgia (Honorary Professor

  • )The International Academy of Sciences (Title of Academician)

  • The Maltese Order of the Knights of St. John (Knight of Justice)

  • The Somaiya Medical College, India (Visiting Professor)

  • The Zoroastrian College, India (Visiting Professor)


Prof. Park founded the International SuJok Association – ISA in 2009. At present this Association has an active membership of more than 10,000 people and is working in 20 countries.


Prof. Park conducted ground-breaking research on micro-acupuncture. His collected papers are published in 455 articles on acupuncture and alternative medicine and 248 books.
Among the most important of the books are:

  • The Thumb is the Head (correspondence systems)

  • The Triorigin World (the triorigin system)

  • Lectures on SuJok Therapy (Six Ki theory)

  • Eight-Origin Theory SuJok Nail Therapy (diamond energy system)

  • M-Particle Theory

  • SuJok Ki (SuJok Ki zone, palm leaves)

  • Twist Therapy (towel twist, twist walking)

  • Sam Won Dong (the healing power of spiral motions)

  • Smile Yoga (spiral triorigin gymnastics)

  • Smile Meditation


Among other books and monographs written by Prof Park, the following may be noted:

  • SuJok Therapy

  • SuJok Acupuncture

  • Onnuri SuJok Therapy

  • The Fundamentals of SuJok

  • Space energies

  • SuJok in Emergency Cases

  • Time Energies

  • Atlas of the Body Energy System

  • SuJok for Everybody

  • Finger Therapy

  • How To Become Your Own SuJok Doctor

  • SuJok Seed Therapy

  • Guide to SuJok Therapy

  • Onnuri Head Correspondence Systems

  • Unnuri Trunk & Limbs Correspondence Sytems

  • Onnuri Auricular Therapy, vols. 1,2,3

  • SuJok Acupuncture, vols. 1,2

  • Six Ki Herb Medicine

  • Finger Toe Therapy

  • Onnuri Twist Therapy

  • Direction Therapy

  • Smile Breath

  • Triorigin Smile Meditation

and many others



On the second anniversary of the death of Prof. Park, Jae Woo, on 25 March 2012, Saurashtra University in Gujarat, India, has honored his memory. In recognition of the contributions of SuJok Therapy and Triorigin Science, the University has established the Prof. Park Chair and the Prof. Park Gallery at the Saurashtra University campus at Rajkot. The ceremony was graced by the presence of his widow, Kim Im Soon, his son, Dr. Park Minchul, Global President of the ISA, and other ISA members from all over India.


Prof. Park dreamed of creating a pain-free society and a Smile civilization. ISA is committed to fulfilling his dream under the leadership of his elder son, Dr. Park Minchul, Global President , and his younger son Dr. Park Minkyu, Global Vice President.








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