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Twist Therapy Online Course

by : Dr darkova marina, sujok academy - russia


Dr. Darkova Marina has 30+ years of vast experience in the field of medical science and she serving as the member of the ISA Committee, President of ISA Russia. She has completed her doctorate in Pediatrics from University of Perm Russia, Internship in Medicine on Reflexology. She achieved Gold level qualification in Su Jok therapy, Twist therapy, Sam Won Dong and Smile Meditation. She holds many Certifications in Alternative medicines with proven track record. She has given 100+ Seminars on Sujok Therapy & Twist Therapy across Europe, USA and Asia. She had a 16+ Years of Clinical Practice in Pediatrics, 25+ Years of Clinical Practice in Reflexology.

Dear Sujok Family

Smile Greetings, 

Hope all of you are keeping good health and staying safe. ISA is pleased to announce most demanded Twist Therapy (Online) course by Dr. Darkova Marina from Sujok Academy, Russia.


This course will be conducted ONLINE on SUJOK GLOBAL PLATFORM with HINDI TRANSLATION for the first time as per the following Details.

  • SEMINAR DATES : AUGUST 02 TO 05, 2021 | TIMINGS : 03.30PM TO 07.30PM (IST)


  • ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA : All Interested Participants having Basic Knowledge of Sujok Therapy.

  • REGISTRATION PROCESS :  Online / Offline ​


  • Registration Starting Date: JULY 08, 2021 | Closing Date: JULY 30, 2021 (midnight) 


DAY - 1

  • Triorigin theory. Triorigin order. Triorigin models of the body, space, motions, directions. Directions treatment.

  • Spiral energy net system, its position in Triorigin model of unify energy system of the body and its role.

  • Twist diagnostics methods and methods of correction of energy disorders in spiral net of the body.

  • Twist therapy as the main method of treatment in spiral energy net system at both – unify and local energy levels.

  • Twist diagnostics – protocols, rules, examples.

  • Fix twist.

  • Showing in practice

  • Twist diagnostics and fix twist at different body levels.

  • Details of techniques.

  • Questions.

DAY - 2

  • Classifications of Twist therapy.

  • Methods, kinds, the levels of working.

  • Demonstration of physical twist:

    • fixtwist

    • elastic twist

    • variable twist

    • spintwist.

  • Details of techniques (angle of twist, angle of bending, rules).

  • Combination of direction and twist.

  • Vibration as a Neuto twist motion, combination of vibration with spintwist and fixtwist, advantages.

  • Twist walking: rules, examples, demonstration.

  • Sleeping twist.

  • Natural twist.

DAY - 3

  • Equipment for Twist therapy.

    • Methods to increase effectiveness.

    • Towel twist.

    • Elastic band twist.

  • Breathing and energy twist. Intended image twist.

  • Meridians and chakras twist.

  • Twist of peripheral parts of the body.

  • Sense organs twist.

  • Twist therapy in correspondence systems (standard, “insect”, “big insect”).

DAY - 4

  • Triorigin correspondence systems.

  • Twist therapy in Triorigin correspondence systems.

  • Advantages, rules, protocols.

  • Psycho-emotional disorders, Twist correction.

  • Twist therapy at the soul level.

  • Skintwist (twist massage). Demonstration.

  • Types and details.

  • Twist therapy in emergency.

  • Twist therapy of chronic diseases.

  • Protocols for different diseases.

  • Examples.

  • Demonstration.

  • Answers the questions.

non members

Rs. 16,000/- INR

gen. member

Rs. 14,400/- INR

life members

Rs. 13,600/- INR


  • Candidate must provide a self-attested photocopy of the membership card

  • The participant will receive login credentials 24 hours prior to start of the class to attend the course

REFUND & CANCELATION (will be considered only for genuine/unavoidable circumstances)

  • 75% refund in case a participant informs about the cancellation in writing at least 3 days prior to the start of the event

  • 50% refund in case a participant had registered but could not participate in the event and have requested the refund after the commencement of the course

  • Cancellation request/s will be accepted only through email at: with relevant details clearly stating the reason for cancellation. Verbal/SMS/WHATSAPP request/s will not be accepted


  1. ISA can modify or amend the terms, rules, regulations, provisions and guidelines at any time at its sole discretion which will be binding on all teachers/lecturers.

FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: +91- 8999536034 | +91-9326032806 | +91-9558800161

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