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7th Teacher's Training Course

Dear Sujok Family

Smile Greetings, 

Hope all of you are keeping good health and staying safe. ISA is pleased to announce the next Teachers’ Training program to take place during May 2021. This is our 7th TTC and the third online TTC in India. SuJok Global platform has opened new avenues in teaching facilitating ISA authorized teachers to teach globally from the comfort of one’s home. 


The Education Board of ISA-India is continuously working for the standardization of the education system as well as the up-gradation of ISA authorized lecturers. It’s a matter of pride for all of us that ISA authorized teachers have taught more than 22,000 students as “One-Team”. 


ISA is continuously endeavouring to bring to its fold all eligible and qualified people interested to teach Sujok. This TTC provides yet another opportunity to all those who are willing to upgrade themselves and become an ISA-authorized teacher. 


The upcoming TTC will be conducted ONLINE on SUJOK GLOBAL PLATFORM as per the following schedule.


Starting from May 16, 2021



  • Dates : May16-23, 2021 

  • Time : 07.30 pm to 09.30 pm on weekdays & 04.00 pm to 07.30 pm on Sundays   

  • Language of lectures: English / Hindi (Recommended only for Indian participants)   



  • Who is ISA – INDIA authorized Basic Course lecturer and have already taught 30+ students of Basic course with ISA certificate.


Starting from May 16, 2021



  • Dates : May 16-23, 2021  

       (5 days Class, 2 days Break, 1-day Exam & Evaluation -           may be revised if needed)

  • Time : 03.00 pm to 07.30pm (IST) (4.5 hours/day including 20 minutes break)

  • Language of lectures: English                    



  • Who is ISA-India authorized existing lecturer of Meridian Sujok Ki (EFT) and have already taught 30+ students of Meridian Sujok Ki course with ISA certificate


  • Who didn't complete the 30 students of the previous course can attend the relevant TTC but their Lecturership of Eligible level will be issued only after completion of the desired criteria & evaluation process. 

  • Those willing to upgrade themselves by attending these courses can attend this course but they will receive only a participation certificate and not the lectureship.



  • All participants would require to give online (or) offline eligibility/ evaluation examination/test conducted by the education department of ISA

  • Examination/test will be divided into 3 sections i.e. ongoing assessment/tasks, theory/practical (objective type) & VIVA

  • ISA will conduct ONLINE VIVA during and/or after the course to evaluate practical knowledge of the student/s about the subject

  • Each participant must score at least 60% marks in each section as well as in aggregate to pass the examination/test

  • Only successful candidate/s (who passes the test) will be awarded the status of "ISA AUTHORISED LECTURER", provided they fulfil the eligibility criteria and accept and agree to follow rules & regulation and code of conduct prescribed by ISA

  • Those who do not succeed in evaluation/test will require to reappear in refresher course / TTC as per the requirement of ISA (at discounted fees)



  • Please note that considering the present crisis and difficult situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic, ISA has decided to give a one-time discount of 25% to all eligible participants (exclusively for this TTC)

  • Online lectureship registration for Sujok Global Platform worth ₹10000/- is absolutely free for New TTC participants who haven't registered for online lectureship so far.

  • ISA can review the situation from time to time and revise the fee structure, discount and terms without any prior notice.




Registration Starting Date: April 21, 2021 | Registration Closing Date: May 14, 2021 (midnight) 


  • Candidate must provide a self-attested photocopy of the membership card

  • Document/s of prescribed eligibility criteria should be sent by email to

  • The participant will receive login credentials 24 hours prior to start of the class to attend the course

  • *Repeater Means who already attended the respective TTC earlier but couldn’t succeed (or) who is willing to attend this course only for the purpose of updating knowledge by repeating the course. Fees for the repeaters mentioned above is inclusive of all discount. No further discount is applicable to it.


REFUND & CANCELATION (will be considered only for genuine/unavoidable circumstances)

  • 75% refund in case a participant informs about the cancellation in writing at least 3 days prior to the start of the event

  • 50% refund in case a participant had registered but could not participate in the event and have requested the refund after the commencement of the course

  • Cancellation request/s will be accepted only through email at: with relevant details clearly stating the reason for cancellation. Verbal/SMS/WHATSAPP request/s will not be accepted

  • Note: If any participant fails to attend the TTC and does not seek a refund of fees, s/he would be allowed  adjustment/deduction of full amount so paid in the fees of next TTC



  1. A participant attending TTC must have valid ISA membership and should submit the proof, therefore.

  2. By participating in TTC, a participant unconditionally accepts to follow and abide by the code of conduct, all rules, regulations and provisions of ISA in force as well as amended from time to time failing which his/her teaching authorisation will stand terminated with immediate effect and suitable action may be taken by ISA against such candidate.

  3. ISA can modify or amend the terms, rules, regulations, provisions and guidelines at any time at its sole discretion which will be binding on all teachers/lecturers.


FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT: +91- 8999536034 | +91-9326032806 | +91-9558800161

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