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Treat diabetes by sujok therapy

Sujok therapy is the most recent and advanced form of complementary medicine. Developed in this era of accelerating changes and urge to immediate answers.Based on ancient wisdom and modern logic Prof. Park Jae Woo created the most powerful operating system for the body.The method works like open source software that allows practitioners to reprogram the body and induce regeneration. By using various Sujok therapy methods one can bring a whole organism to balance and perfection. The process of balancing the physical body is based on harmonizing the flows in the energetic (astral) body.As mentioned above, the human body is a perfect machine that has numerous auto-regulatory mechanism that are designed to maintain life. A question that is usually raised is why people do not usually experience natural healing from severe diseases?The answer lays on energetic blockage that prevents the body from healing. This energetic blockage can be caused by the physical illness but can get reinforcement from the environment, from emotional imbalance, from stressfactors and from unbalanced way of living our lives. When a chronic disease appears, that means that something in our way of living is not correct. If everything was right, this disease would have resolved.By Triorigin theory, chronic disease means that homo force prevails and it is a time to make change (hetero) in order to keep life and vitality (Neutro).Now, let’s go back to that perfect body of ours. Each cell in our body constantly regenerates. Cells that regenerate their membranous receptors and organelles are inspired by the energetic body, and its balance. In the basis of each physical phenomenon (homo) in this world there were metaphysical phenomena (hetero). When a cell regenerate to an unbalanced reality, it is remained in an unbalanced state. However, when the whole energetic matrix is harmonized, newly regenerating cells, organelles, protein transporters, vesicles, enzymes and molecules will be “born” to a different reality. A healing reality that will change the functionality of internal organs and systems.The process of change starts at the molecular and cellular level and from there will continue to tissues, organs and systems. Depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the disease, the change will occur and smile and harmonized life will be re-established.This change is a process that needs to be supported by the practitioner that provides the tools and motivation for the healing process.

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