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Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is one of the oldest characterized diseases in the world. Described in the Ebers papyrus (1552 BCE, ancient Egypt) as “too much urine”. By today this disease has become a worldwide epidemic that is associated with the modern lifestyle. In the recent years there has been considerable increase in the incidence of both diabetes type I (autoimmune disease, juvenile onset) and diabetes type II (insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome).Western medicine that is supported by the pharmaceutical industry regards this disease as chronic and incurable therefore the treatment is palliative, symptomatic and does not try to restore the patient to a healthy state.By today it is perfectly clear that the general idea of regarding diabetes mellitus as endocrine disease that involves pancreas and insulin is completely wrong. Recent studies shows that only 50% from glucose absorption is insulin dependent. Moreover, it seems that there are many other factors such as leptin, GLP-1 and others that play essential role in the regulation of glucose uptake.In this era of accelerating changes in technology a novel method of rapid natural healing appeared.Sujok therapy is the most advanced form of natural treatment that combines ancient knowledge and modern logic. This modern combination created an extremely powerful tool for healing of mind and body.Since initiated by Prof. Park Jae Woo in the late 1980’s, this novel and highly effective method is constantly developing like an open source software. Although the risks of diabetes are life threatening, data from clinics all over the world and from ISA R&D center shows that in most cases of diabetes type II and in early cases of diabetes type I, proper treatment can alleviate symptoms and bring the disease to a constant remission or even to a smile cure.This manual is intended to guide Sujok therapists from various levels and background in the dungeons of diabetes. Diabetes is extremely complicated on the physiological levels, with a lot of players and regulators. However, in Sujok therapy, after understanding the exact pathology, the treatment will be simple and exact, and as you will see at the end of this manual, the results are impressively immediate.I hope this manual will be of use to eradicate this epidemic from this world.We are confident of the efficiency of our method and will gladly support your initiation into our smile world.

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