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Online Triorigin Seminar (step-1)

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Education Department of ISA is pleased to announce the most awaited ONLINE TRIORIGIN ACUPUNCTURE (STEP-1) Seminar by Dr. Park Minchul, Global President, International Sujok Association.

The seminar will cover the following subjects

1) Triorigin System

  • Understanding Triorigin components. (Hetero, Homo, Neutro, and Neuto)

  • Triorigin consciousness.

  • SuJok system based on Triorigin.

  • Triorigin model order - practical use.

  • Triorigin system - The Fundamental Order of the Universe.

  • Self-perfection and spiritual improvement.

  • Triorigin system of the human body.

  • Triorigin Sequence of organs, meridians, chakras, emotions and body structure.

2) Triorigin SuJok Therapy

  • Classifications and approaches.

  • Practice in diagnosis and in treatment a triorigin prescription.

  • Triorigin constitution of humans.

  • Emotional Triorigin.

  • Triorigin Mudra and Mantra.

  • The practice of Triorigin treatment.


3) Triorigin with Smile perfection

  • Toward Smile perfection.


  • Anyone who have a basic idea of Sujok & allied branches

Course Fees: €. 200/- ($230)

For More Details Please Contact us

e : info@sujok.comp : +91 955 88 00 161


Indian Participant

Other Participant

Student's willing to participate from other than India can pay through PayPal to register. Kindly send your request to for more details.

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