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SuJok for Everybody By Prof. Park Jae Woo

  • 3rd edition revised, SuJok Academy –
  • 128 pp.; illustrated
  • ISBN 5-900810-22-4

Su Jok therapy was developed by a South Korean scientist Professor Park Jae Woo. It is more than just a method of treatment: it is a way of comprehending the basic laws of life, a method that links the classical science of the West to the knowledge accumulated by Oriental medicine from ancient times.  The high effect and simplicity of Su Jok therapy favor its rapid spreading in various countries.


Everyone can master the basics of Su Jok therapy with ease and in many cases will need no medicines to help oneself.


The purpose of this manual is to help learn the simplest ways of giving aid through the correspondence systems of the hands and feet.


Sujok For Everybody

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