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Teacher's Training Course

Triorigins Step - 1

It is a long-awaited demand of many ISA authorized lecturers to conduct official Teachers Training Course for Triorigin Subject. Here’s the bottom line: You’re here because you want to learn and evolve. Over the years, ISA has worked tremendously to evolve the education system within the organization. For many years, We together have created a huge population of Sujok lovers with strong fundamental knowledge and skill set by providing the Basic, Meridian Sujok Ki & Six Ki Courses.  Our Online & Offline Course on those subjects has helped students of all ages boost their academic capabilities which have enhanced their fundamental understanding. You’ve always dreamed of reaching that next level, and TRIORIGIN TTC is the best medium to get you there. Now it is the time to unwill the core philosophy of beloved Professor Park. We invite all eligible participants to Join the mission to spread TRIORIGIN PHILOSOPHY officially and in its pure form.


  • Anyone with a Minimum SuJok Bronze qualification & Minimum Meridian Sujok Ki  Lecturership holders and has attended at least 2 Triorigin Seminars of Step 1 & Step 2 each By Dr. Park Minchul or Dr. Park Minkyu.

  • Anyone who has attended at least 3 Full (Four steps) seminars of Prof. Park Jae Woo from 2006 to 2010 and has attended At least 3 Triorigin Seminars of Step 1 & 2 each By Dr. Park Minchul or Dr. Park Minkyu and has a Minimum Meridian Sujok ki Lectureship. 

  • All Meridian Sujok KI or above-qualified Lecturers who have attended at least four Seminars on Triorigin of Step 1 & 2 each by Dr. Park Minchul & Dr. Park Minkyu.

Expected Time

Mid 2023


Nagpur - India



Mode of Learning

On Campus

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