Teachers' Training Course - 2016

Dear Sujok enthusiastic,

Smile Greetings to all of you,

ISA-India is announcing 2nd Teachers’ Training Course in August 2016 by Dr. Violetta Nikolaeva. Education Board of ISA-India has decided to include all those who are eligible to Teach Sujok but for various reasons could not have a Lectureship so far. This is last chance to become certified Sujok Lecturer for Basic course, Meridian Sujoki (EFT) and Six-Ki Courses. Next year onwards everyone will have to start from Introduction course Lecturer ship.

This is an Opportunity for one and to learn from a Expert who is encyclopaedia of Sujok. Dr. Mohana Selvan, Head of The Education Board, has decided to open the Doors for everyone who are interested to upgrade their Knowledge and wisdom.

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