Smile Meditation 




This world is a wonder world. The whole world is perfect harmony itself; therefore, this world is entirely full of wonders. As Existence Spirit, perfect itself creates whole this world; this world is perfect world and becomes a wonder world from the beginning.


Smile is the essence of Life. It is the greatest wonder of this world. It is the manifestation of the Existence Spirit to this real world. There was smile within Existence Spirit from the beginning of this world, so it could finally create Triorigin and Neutro in order to create the entire wonderful and orderly world. At the moment of Neutro birth of Triorigin, the latent smile of Existence Spirit start being realized practically for the first time in this world. This world is therefore a smile world and we all are wonder and smile together.

Smile is one of the most important and practical channels to achievement of harmony and perfection; life with a smile.




Smile Meditation

Smile meditation allows a person to comprehend that every living creatures is initially a smiling creature. It leads a person to be aware of his original smilic nature and see smile in every object of this world, in every moment of time, in any situation.

Smile meditation based on the comprehensive fundamental theory of Triorigin, allows the meditating person not only to improve his health and life quality but also to actively influence the present and future of his or her family, working team and society in general.

It has high potential in treatment of various forms of dependence; from tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc. It leads to ultimate perfection state where Neutro consciousness exists, which includes Neutro mentality, Neutro spirit, Neutro emotions such as Neutrolized happiness, delightfulness and satisfaction, etc.

It is so easy, comfortable and fast to get into the common channel to obtain eternal Origin Smile that everybody can join in this smile meditation to upgrade his or her life quality and to change his or her suffering life to smile life

(Prof. Park Jae Woo, in his lecture on Smile Meditation)


One might be aware there is Triorigin in this world, once this awareness is established one would realize the importance of the meaning of Neutro existence.

One should now know that Neutro maintains the orderliness of this world and develops it further by using the fundamental principle called triorigin

Neutro is the force ,which enables to realize the practical world , based on the will of the existence spirit, which is the original source of this world . Neutro spirit plants the existence spirit in this world with the massive force.

Every human being should realize this truth. This world is a world of wonders and it is also full of bright smiles.

These truths and the way to realize the smile world are well realized by Smile  Medidation the purpose of this world is the realization of wonder and wonderous smile . Many varieties of existences are co-extisting in an orderly manner in a spirit.

For this purpose existence spirit gives birth to the neutro of triogin and also creates all this smile medidation.

If people accomplish their smiles and put them on the immortal smile state in order to attain oneness with the existence spirit it will be the perfect way to work together with the existence spirit for establishing the wonderful smile world smile society.

Triorgin model orders have been implemented thoroughly in all the existence in this world . They all exist in this order and change and progress for evolution under the frame work of this order.

In the breathing process composed of inhalation, exhalation and pause in the four sense organs developed on the face in the internal organs composed of Yin Organs, Yang Organs and endocrine organs (glands) in the body motions composed of stretch, bend and twist in the mind composed of emotion, reason and spirit there is a Triorigin Model order and they are all governed by this Triorigin principle.

In the periodical table of chemical elements which manifest their properties in the life molecules composed of nucleic acid, lipid, carbohydrate and protein in the gene composed of A.T.C.G of DNAs base in the relation between DNA and three RNAs, there is Triorigin Model order and they all operate in the frameworks of this model.

In the standard model discovered in physics which contains fundamental order of particles in the dialectic repeating phenomena of history as thesis, anti thesis and synthesis by Hegel, there is Triorigin Model order and they are being operated by this order.

There are several units of Triorigin model order such as creation order, structural and functional order, dimensional and phenomenal Triorigin Model order etc.

They are all together being applied to each unit of existence at the same time. Therefore according to the application criteria any unit of existence can be classified in to different types of Triorigin Models. Because of such simultaneous involvement of Triorigin Model orders on even one unit of existence sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish one units of Triorigin Model from other ones.

This is the main reason why we are confused to perceive the real truth but there is clear order among Triorigin Models involved in that unit of existence when we really understand that multi Triorigin models participate simultaneously in one unit of existence we come to realize that this world is an orderly harmonized wonderful world to read the purpose of existence spirit and its great vision towards this world.

Triorgin model order further creates secondary model order named Triorigin sequence at the same time maintaining its own Triorigin Model frame also. By this Triorgin sequence order all existences could have more detailed orderly and variety shapes.

From this Triorigin sequence order all the principle systems of the world are further derived. But all principle systems of this world are under Triorigin Model order. This Triorigin model Order is common not only to Triorigin sequence but even also to any single local principle.

In the smile meditation all the meditation stages and processes are established according to the order of Triorgin Model . by following  this principle, meditators can rapidly tune themselves to the rhythm of Triorigin which they already have in their mind and body and can enter smoothly into deep state of the smile meditation


Properly learnt and successfully done smile meditation can make you travel to the past an erase or correct memories of past deeds or bad experiences which may be the cause of present sufferings or can travel to the future to wipe out stings and pains of future happenings and bring in eternal bliss and pleasure.

This information is detailed in the book “Trorigin Smile Meditation by my master Prof. Park Jae Woo.

Learn smile meditation and achieve realization of wondrous smile world